forklift types

Common types of forklifts

What are the common types of forklifts and what are their applications?

Electric forklifts

An electric forklift is powered by an electric motor as opposed to an internal combustion engine.

They typically run on rechargeable industrial batteries. They can however also operate on external power methods such as wire or rail.

They are suitable for lifting goods over short distances and can be run safely indoors.

Internal combustion forklifts

Just like an engine that runs a car, an internal combustion forklift uses fuel to run – typically petrol or LPG. They have a higher carrying capacity.

While they are often cheaper to purchase initially, they may require more maintenance and cost more to run than an electric forklift.

They are ideal for outdoor use. Indoor use would require very good ventilation.

Cushion tyre forklifts

This relates to the forklifts tyres being made of smooth solid rubber. The alternative is a pneumatic tyre forklifts, which is more expensive to manufacture.  Cushion tyre forklifts do not offer the same level of traction as a pneumatic tyre forklift, particularly outdoors.

Pneumatic tyre forklifts

These tyres are similar to that of a car or truck offering strong grip – particularly on uneven surfaces or rough terrain – high performance and versatility. They are recommended for outdoor use. An option for particularly rough terrain are solid pneumatic tyre forklifts which are made of solid rubber and, therefore, puncture proof.

Side loader forklifts

Instead of the forks being located at the front, they are located at the side with goods being loaded and unloaded from the side.

Side loader forklifts are perfect for narrow-aisles and are designed for lifting very heavy, long loads.

Reach trucks

Perfect for narrow warehouse spaces, reach trucks are designed with the wheels located below the operator to allow for a tighter turning radius. This way the operator can navigate through narrower spaces yet still be able to reach high racks.

Order picker forklifts

Order picker forklifts help operators pick and deliver products, usually from shelves, to fulfil orders. They raise the forklift operator to the rack with or without load.

High capacity forklifts

These are the largest forklifts and are commonly found loading and unloading heavy goods such as shipping containers and are suitable for extremely heavy industrial applications.

Container mast forklifts

A container mast forklift contains a vertical assembly on the front of the machine that does the lifting, lowering and tilting of the load.

Narrow aisle trucks

Designed to work in very narrow spaces of approximately 3.5 metres wide and run using electric motors. Typically narrow aisle trucks are operated standing up.

Electric hand trucks

Offering energy-efficient performance, electric hand trucks are low maintenance and can perform many warehouse applications. They range from pedestrian hand trucks for indoor pallet transportation and loading to larger, electric rider hand trucks with load capacities of up to 3,000kg. They are ergonomic in design and reduce operator discomfort and fatigue.

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