Should I Rent or Buy Used Forklifts?

This can be a very complex question and there are obvious advantages and disadvantages of both options.

The benefits of renting and buying vary from industry to industry. The main points are summarised below for your consideration.


  • Rental charges are part of your operating costs and therefore are 100% tax deductible
  • Costs can be controlled with rental fees established up front which incorporate repair and maintenance costs facilitating accurate budgeting. i.e. You know how much it will cost for the complete package in renting a forklift


  • Availability of equipment is guaranteed with replacement equipment supplied, at no additional cost, in instances of equipment failure
  • Flexibility can be built into fleet management to ensure seasonal requirements can be met cost effectively allowing your equipment to increase and decrease to meet your needs

When buying a forklift does an attachment come with it?

If that is what you need, that will be what you get. If you need an attachment, we will try our best to marry up both pieces of equipment as soon as possible.

Is there a certain timeframe I need to rent for?

No. All hires are set for a minimum 1 days rental (unless otherwise specified).

When would you call Danmac?

You can call us on 0407 562 000 whenever you need a forklift and / or forklift attachment. You can even call or email just for a competitive quote. When hiring from us, the phones are always available. We will always be there for you to answer the questions you have.

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