• SMV/Linde 25T Forklift
  • SMV/Linde 25T Forklift
  • SMV/Linde 25T Forklift
  • SMV 25000kg Forklift
  • SMV 25000kg Forklift
  • SMV/Linde 25T Forklift
  • SMV/Linde 25T Forklift

SMV 25 Tonne Diesel Counter Balanced Forklift

SMV has always been known for innovation constantly introducing new technology improving materials handling that other manufacturers follow.

Operator cabins designed with full forward vision and robust load sensing hydraulic technologies are some of the examples of the lead that SMV has adopted.

SMV Forklifts incorporate these same innovations but also introduces technology geared around safety, performance and life cycle cost of ownership.

Research done by SMV demonstrates without a doubt that a customer can save money using this technology.

  • Fuel Type: Diesel
  • Lift Height (m): 6.5
  • Lowered Height (m): 5.22
  • Capacity (kg): 25000 @ 1200mm
  • Forklift Tyres: Dual Pneumatic
  • Forklift Mast Type: Duplex Mast (2 stage)
  • 2400mm tynes

Price on application

Suitable for the laden Container stacking industry.

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Full Specifications
  • DF060
  • SMV
  • H250 - 1200
  • Counter Balanced
  • Diesel
  • 25000KG
  • 2400mm Long with Side Shifting Fork Positioner
  • Two (2) Stage
  • 6500mm
  • 5220mm
  • Dual Pneumatic
  • Full Working Lights & Travel Indicators

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