• Danmac sell buy or hire new and used forklifts or attachments Sydney
  • 360 degree rotator forklift attachment, for empty bins, rotating loads, etc.
  • DanMac Forklifts Paper Roll Attachment's
  • DanMac Forklifts Range of Safety Cages
  • DanMac Forklifts Jib Attachment
  • DanMac Forklift Attachment Cotton Bale Clamp in various sizes
  • Two Pallet Handler Attachment
  • DanMac Forklift Attachment Carpet Roll

Forklift Attachment’s Sale’s & Hire

At Danmac Forklift’s, we sell and hire an extensive range of hydraulic and non-hydraulic attachments, to suit many materials handling applications.
All of our Attachments are manufactured with the highest quality materials in accordance with Australian Standards, and are supplied with the relevant attachment certification.

Forklift Attachments allow forklifts to move drums or slippers to add extra length to your forks, as well as many custom attachment’s like paper clamps, forklift jibs, Rotator’s, grab attachment’s naming just a few.

We stock a wide variety common and custom attachment to suit most forklifts.

Danmac is one of the major suppliers of forklift attachments in the marketplace, with large stock and a comprehensive range of forklift attachments, we can provide a solution for most applications.

Forklift attachments extend the functionality and capability of a forklift, turning a simple lift truck it into a diverse powerful productivity tool, that can be used in a variety of applications to complete many task in a safe, quick, and efficient way.

There are many different sizes and types of forklift attachments to choose from, finding the right one to meet you’r requirements and budget can be a difficult task, it is important to select the correct attachment, when choosing forklift attachments, points to consider include load capacity, lift height and space is very important, choosing the wrong attachment can severally limit the functionality or damage your forklift truck.

Our forklift attachment range includes;
Paper Roll Clamps, Rotating Fork Clamps, Spreaders & Rotators, White Goods / Carton Clamps, Pallet Inverters, Multi Pallet Handlers, Drum Grab Handlers, Wool Bale / Cotton / Foam Clamps, Coil Handlers & Carpet Poles, Push Pull / Slip Sheet, Forklift Access Ramps, Jibs & Slippers / Fork Extensions and Specialised Products.
We sell and hire, material handling forklift attachments by Australian and International innovative design leaders;
All LiftingAttachment WarehouseBremcoCascadeForklift And CraneDrum Handling EquipmentFork TorqueEast West EngineeringFlow Force AustraliaHandling Systems AustraliaBolzoni, Auramo, Brudi, Meyer and Kaup.

If you would like to discuss your specific requirement further, talk to a Danmac Forklifts professional staff and we’ll provide the right attachment solution for your next job application, please contact us for a free quote.

Forklift Attachments Materiel Handling & Lifting

Forklift Attachments Materiel Handling & Lifting Specialists Sydney Australia

DanMac Forklifts can provide you With:

  • Flexible hire terms form 1 day to 7 years
  • Full maintenance with all hire agreements
  • Large forklifts up to 25 tonne capacity
  • High lift capability forklifts with up to 13800 mm
  • Fleet of unique attachments to cover most applications
  • Express field maintenance response and replacement of equipment
  • “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” option on all forklifts and attachments
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